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There's a saying in the fitness industry: "stop moving and die." It's meant to motivate, giving us a push to move our bodies and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. In my life, I like to think "stop learning and you shy." How can one grow without learning new things?

My desire to learn and grow, both personally and professionally, is a favorite characteristic of mine. I try to approach life with curiosity! Outside of undergraduate coursework, I have gained valuable knowledge by connecting with other professionals, attending workshops, and LOTS of reading for fun!

Autism in the Workplace - November 2023

This online course is geared towards neurotypicals and answers the broad question of "what is autism?" The instructors explain traits of autism and teach ways to create an environment that provides comfort and psychological safety. As a manager, I learned how to be more inclusive in job posts, interviews, onboarding and more.

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Microsoft Excel Certification Prep - October 2023

I spent over 20 hours on this course mastering Microsoft Excel. The course taught me how to create advanced formulas and macros, navigate advanced charts, and how to effectively manage data. Shortly after this Prep course, I passed the Excel Expert Exam, gaining an expert-level certification from Microsoft. 

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Communication for Leaders - August 2022

This course places a huge emphasis on the importance of emotional intelligence in effective communication. By understanding ourselves, we are better able to understand others. I learned how to engage in professional dialogue and adapt my communication to the goals at hand.

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