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About My Journey.

My career path has been something like: fixing sprinklers -> group fitness coaching -> managing a gym -> managing a commercial landscaping company (where I am currently employed). Most of my work in each industry was spent putting complex issues/concepts into easily understood terms, especially when there was a language barrier. I'm excited to apply my communication skills in the field of counseling to not only help others understand themselves, but also for my own desire to practice authenticity.


December 2024

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science

I plan to graduate in December 2024 with a Bachelor's of Science in Integrated Business. This degree has enabled me to have a broad understanding of business and strong financial, analytic and communication skills. 

April 2018

Seminole State College

Associate of Arts

I completed my Associate of Arts degree at Seminole State College. In addition, I gained a Financial Operations Specialist certificate, earned from course work focused on financial and managerial accounting, economics, computer applications, and statistics.

Work Experience

November 2022 - Present

Sunburst Trees and Lawncare

Director of Client Services

I currently serve as Director of Client Services of a commercial landscaping company whose sole clientele is multi-family residential. I spent significant amount of time interacting with executives, regional managers, and community managers. I also manage a team of 5 division supervisors within the company to keep daily operations flowing. 

March 2020 - March 2023

Elite Wellness Fitness Center

CrossFit Trainer

Being a full-time CrossFit Trainer involved instructing 4-6 classes a day with 10-20 people in each class. I used my interpersonal skills to build rapport with clients and help them to feel that the gym was a safe space to learn and grow. Because the workouts varied daily, I learned to prepare lesson plans in advance. Planning gave me confidence to be fully present with the classes and quickly adapt to each client's needs.

May 2013 - June 2018

Sunburst Trees and Lawncare

Irrigation Technician

As an Irrigation Technician, I performed sprinkler-system inspections and repairs in apartment complexes. In my time as a tech, I monitored new equipment and technology releases and trained new employees. 





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